Blue jeans and a rosarie

So tonight, Mason and I were chatting, and he asked me if I want to take a drive out to his hometown this weekend. He told me that one of his nephews is getting married, and at first he was going to skip the wedding because he’s still mad at his sister. Then his sister called and apologized, and Mason said she was crying and told him that they wanted to take family photos at the wedding and she couldn’t bear the thought of Mason not being in the pictures, even if they’re mad at each other.

“Those photos will last a lot longer than the anger will,” I said softly.

“That’s what Ellie said,” Mason told me in agreement. He paused, then said, “Hey, Cas, sugar…um…do you….or, um, will do come to the wedding with me?”

I was shocked.

Fortunately, I recovered pretty good.

“I’d love to!” I replied.

“You sure? You don’t have to. It’s real hard to meet a bunch of my family and friends all at once, for the first time, at some huge event like a wedding.”

“Thank you for being real sweet, darlin, and you’re right – someone else might be too nervous to go. But, not this ol’ gal.”

“Not skeered, huh city?” Mason asked. I could hear him grinning.

“Aw, hell, naw!” I said. “I work in sales. I think that everyone’s my friend.”

Mason laughed. I asked him if he picked out a gift. He swore out loud and said that he forgot that part. So I told him to go get the wedding invitation and see where his nephew registered, and that we’d get them a gift card to whatever stores they registered at so they could go buy whatever people didn’t get them. He asked me if that’s really appropriate. I told him that I’m an old hand at weddings, I’ve been to thirty eight weddings in my lifetime. 

Mason was relieved, then impressed, then amused.

I told him that I’ll drive up on Friday, we’ll get a hotel room and we’ll do the wedding thing on Saturday. The ceremony is at 2pm, which means we can sleep until 8 or so and get his butt to the church by noon for photos before the ceremony, then more photos during and after.

“You have no idea how much this means to me,” Mason told me. “I’m nervous as hell, but, I know you’ll keep me calm just by being there. You always make things better just by being there.”

Boy, I tell ya – for being such a commitment phobe Mason sure is making some serious moves with me.

I dunno what to think of it. But, I’m enjoying this.

Now I have to go shopping. I haven’t been to a wedding in a couple of years – I want a new spring dress! And new clothes to wear before and after the wedding, I just wanna look my best. Mason says to just wear blue jeans on Friday, but I’m wearing dresses to the Saturday wedding and Sunday Mass. I’ll wear jeans on Friday, but they’ll be brand new blue jeans. 

And I’m bringing my Great Grandmother’s rosarie beads. Mason says it’ll be a real traditional Irish Roman Catholic wedding ceremony, so, I think I might need them beads. I kinda wanna show them off to his Mamma, too. I’m hoping she’ll like me…

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