I went to the Dentist this morning. I have a bit of advanced periodontal disease which I already knew. My loose tooth is not even attached to the bone which means it will fall out. I will of course have a fake tooth put back in there when it does. I asked the Dentist if I needed to do a gum treatment and she said yes because, that will stop the bone loss that’s already occurred. They took some extensive x-rays today, and I paid for that. There will be two more consultations of what needs to be done going forward which are going to be 3 hours in length each time, and then they will start doing the work that needs to be done. I told my Wife that I am so glad that she made this appointment for me. I told her that I would have went because I know that this is serious. I’m glad that I am finally going to be on the road to better health as far as with my teeth being concerned. There are some questions that I will ask my Dentist next time I go over there. The good thing about their dentistry school is that their fees are at a 30-50% savings. Being that I don’t have insurance it will come out of my pocket as far as the self pay status that I’m at now. However, in my way of thinking the money that I will be paying out will be coming back to me in the form of better health.


we went to the fish and chips place afterwards to have lunch with our old neighbor. She loved it. It is a really good fish and chips because, it’s made the authentic way at a British restaurant. They do their food right the way it should be. They have a bunch of selections but, we’ve only ever had the whole cod fillet fish and chips  but, I’d like to try their bangers and mash.

Yesterday, I went out and looked at the work that needs to be done in the backyard. That lasted all of about fifteen minutes, I need a wheelbarrow and some kind of tool to cut back the branches and the low bearing thorns that I need to be able to wade  through enough to get to the logs that I need to clear. Once I do that, I’ll be able to clear that out and have a bunch of room to plane a lot of stuff. I’ll need two bags of mulch to start. I found some containers that we can use on the front porch. We’ll need two more. 

We are going to stay here until we get my dental work completed. When they are through we are gone. I’m not staying past September.  I can’t wait to take that freeway west. I know exactly how we are going to do this. Great things are ahead for us. I welcome every moment of it going forward. 


Thank you Heavenly Father for everything,

I, and we have no complaints. 







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