Thursday April 19th

We had our first track meet yesterday. So happy to have one down. Three more to go, then we are pretty much done, I hope. I doubt many if any will qualify for post season. I do love seeing the kids happy and spending time with them outside of school- I 100% know that is a relationship builder, but it is a pain in the ass all at the same time. If I ever make it to an admin job, I will encourage teachers to take those positions for that reason. I will work hard to make sure my coaches are teachers in my building- not outside people. 

Things with Greg seem really, really good. I am so hopeful for Saturday. I know I was hopeful about Richard last spring, but I do think this is different. Richard and I were friends- I thought maybe there could be something more than that, but he’s just such a tight wad and is so set in his fucking ways. He is alone and never married for a reason. Greg wants a relationship- He makes me laugh. I think we might be really happy together. He has no game, he is not a player, he is all in- I honestly think he is what I have been waiting for all this time. I would have 100% gone back to Brent, that is still true, but that was in part for both my kids and a whole lot for Noah. I know it would be so good for him. He and Brent can just pile up in that house and spend the rest of their lives there I guess. I am going to make a happy life for myself. I don’t care to move to Corbin, I would happily move to the lake, I would happily move to Florida. I had been thinking about working forever, but if I have him, I might be happy to retire. I would have someone to spend my days with, travel with. I am full of hope and anticipation right now. 

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