[249] ~*Fri – 04/20/18*~

[9:46 pm]

So last night I took my bath, washed my bras, put away the dishes that were in the dishwasher and did those that were by the sink. I think that’s pretty good. I wanted to put away the clothes as well but didn’t in the end cause hub ended up calling in sick and going back to bed. I didn’t wanted to bother him as he was sleeping. 

So I knew there was an update coming on my farming game with an expansion for the farm but I didn’t know when that would happen. Even with knowing that it was on the way, I decided to re-organize my whole farm. I deleted the whole thing and started from zero. I finally managed to get it all done last night and then of course, the update. I can now have a bigger farm, not that much, but still bigger and I just, like just, finished redoing it all. Arg! I guess I’m not in a hurry with the expansion cause we need to spend at least 5 RC to get it done and I’m still debating on doing that. They added a lil house thing which is cute but sorta useless. Just another way to make people spend money cause most things need to be bought with RC which is rare in the game unless you pay real money. I also just realized that I forgot to buy a pig. Can you imagine?! I have a farm and still don’t have a pig. It’s actually the only animal that I haven’t bought yet cause it cost 18 RC which to me is a whole lot. I had told myself I’d buy it when I re-organize my farm and I totally forgot so now even if I buy it, I don’t even know where to put it. I don’t really want to work on my farm anymore so I guess I shall not buy the poor little piggy for now. Sad! Maybe when I finally decided to expend the farm.

With all that said, with the update and all, I ended up playing on my farm until 1:00 am as I had to build that new house. Me being me, I couldn’t wait till today to do it. Bleh! I then read until 2:30 and finally took my pill to sleep. 

I was about to get out the door this afternoon for work when the office called to say my client had cancelled. That was great cause I wanted to get up earlier to eat before leaving but of course I ended up pushing back my alarm an extra half hour. Me and my darn sleep. So I made myself some yummy salad.

I was working and people were stressing me out. I was driving, on my way to a client, and my cell started ringing. I didn’t look as I figured it was the office calling but then I parked on the side of the road to see and it was my mother-in-law. She left a voicemail saying I had called and to call her back on her cell. I was so very confused that I listened to the voicemail like five times. I hadn’t called her. I called her back but kept getting her voicemail so I finally texted sis to see what was up but I guess she was just confused cause she got a new cell and didn’t really know how it worked or something. Old people! Lol! Then I got a text from mom’s friend asking me to call her before 6 pm. What’s going on now?! I just texted her saying I was working and she said she just wanted to let me know she had another thing for the Casino tomorrow. Yay! Looks like I’m going to the Casino tomorrow night. Haha! Only thing, I really don’t understand how she always get this free money and I like never had it, not even once. Bleh!

I did some more spending’s today. I bought hub a few shirts since I had bought myself some the other day. I was doing the laundry and realized some of his current shirts could be replaced so I will be doing a clean up of his shirts. Talking about that, I still haven’t put away those clothes I washed a few days ago. I’m so bad with that and I really don’t think I’ll be doing it tonight. I’m already tired and think I should try to get to bed early-ish tonight. I know I won’t have time to come nap between clients tomorrow so I need to try and get some rest. I called mom a lil earlier and she wasn’t home so I left a message telling her to call back when she gets home so I guess I’ll wait for her call and then head to bed. I still have one show to watch so I shall be doing that right now.




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