All good dogs

 go to heaven…I hope she sniffed you out pronto and your reunion was as sweet as I imagine it to be…her bouncing all over the place just trying to get as close to you as she possibly can…licking your face…trying to chew on your ears…her tail wagging so frantically that her whole rear end wagged with it..and I imagine your joy as you greet her…rolling around on the ground and hugging her so tight…singing Maggie May…my good girl. I’m glad you were there waiting for her…since you couldn’t be here to help me through it. I’ve learned to realize that the only thing certain in life is change….that nothing lasts as long as we would like it to, that loss is an inevitable part of life and that love can last forever in spite of your loved one’s absence as does the learn to suck it up….stuff it down….but it’s still always there just below the surface waiting to remind you of your past sorrows as you face new loss…take care of our little stoner puppy Rhett…and please be there for me when I leave the planet…even if I’m late like I was for our wedding…you know I’m going to show up sooner or later… always…I love you👰🏼

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