Bad start

He got up and started arguing.   He started complaining about me watching unsolved mysteries because it is a show about murder.   I’ve tried to watch shows like I survived and the ID channel and shows that deal with the police and lawyers.   I’m scared to even try to watch dog the bounty hunter.   He just blatantly told me he wasn’t worried about my safety because nothing  could possibly happen to me.   This neighborhood is bad and drug infested.  Where there’s drugs there’s violence and high crime.   It’s a matter of time before someone gets shot or shot at.   And with hookers living here there’s rape.  It’s just a matter of time before it happens here.   He doesn’t understand that when rival drug dealers and pimps come here to try to take over another one’s turf and make it their territory someone is going to get shot,  stabbed and killed.   He seems to think I’m bullet proof and knife proof and will never get hurt.   He doesn’t think there’s any chance at getting kidnapped either.  He doesn’t see the crime going on right under his nose.  He doesn’t care about me and doesn’t think I’m pretty any more.  He’s quit telling me he loves me altogether.  The only reason he’s staying is to use me.  I’ll bet there’s nothing wrong with the brakes on his car and even if there is he probably did it to the car himself.  I’m just to ugly, fat and repulsive to love.  Why was I even born if I’m going to have to live alone, unloved and outcast? My own family threw me away,  how can I expect a total stranger to love me. 

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