Hey again…

hey you.. Its been a while since I have left a message here. .So I’m not  dead yet which is good I suppose I left on a nasty day I wrote that on my birthday none the less..I’m still pretty fudged up but its soothing down now.. On the plus side I have my own house now with my boyfriend better than nothing though. .On the bad side I have this fling boytoy stuck to my side like glue but I can’t shake him off me cuz he has dirt on me that could ruin my relationship with babe..so I have to put up with him till he moves on to a new victim. .I feel like shit because of him but I’ll live. .😑🤐 .. School I haven’t finished high school yet.. Sad isn’t it.. 20 years old and I haven’t finished 11th grade. .But I’m getting there two more Fed tests and I’m Scott free onto other things.. My life guys or to whoever is reading this shit story.. Is bullshit. I hate being me I start things and when things hit the fan I bail. Like a little bitch something’s I truck through but when it comes to me getting hurt I flinch and cower. .I’m pathetic.. But its whatever’s my heart is still put putting along and that’s all that matters. ..Peace you.. I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts out there.. Ttyl night 

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