[250] ~*Sat – 04/21/18*~

[7:22 pm]

I went to the Casino, once again, as mom’s friend had yet another thing for free play. I picked $15 and didn’t make anything out of that so I decided to take her $25 that was on her card and took out $100 with that. Woohoo! I’m not making a lot but I’m still making some money. I know if she was the one playing, she wouldn’t take out that “little” so in a way it’s good that I am the one playing cause I’m banking her some money. This way, when she does come, she’ll have a bit of money to play. I kinda asked her real quick how much I was making on this money and she said “how about 50/50” which is totally fine with me if she’s really giving me half of what I’m winning. I’m not gonna touch any of the money, just in case.

Beside going to the Casino, I worked. I didn’t get to come nap between clients and I still managed not to sleep during the movie. I had decided to go see my friend between clients instead of coming back home. That way, I’m not screwing up my sleep and maybe I’ll get back on track and be less tired during the day. I’m also taking my B12 in the mornings so hopefully I will get less tired in time.

We went to see Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare which was good, I enjoyed it. It had a good ending to it, I enjoy when everything doesn’t go all great and happy ending. Haha! It’s just not reality so yea, it was a nice movie. 

For some reason, I looked at the front of my car today and realized it look a bit weird. I don’t think anyone hit it, but it might be from the paint job that was done on it when they changed my front. It’s not really blotchy per say but it doesn’t look right. I will have another look at it later and ask hub to look at is as well. I mean, it’s nothing big, but I’m wondering if I should go see the people that did the job to see if that’s normal. Hub will prob tell me not to bother with it as the rest of the car is so bleh from all the dings and bangs. I’m just wondering why I’m only seeing it now cause to me it’s very noticeable (not really but I know what I mean). I could understand not seeing it before cause the car is always dirty but it was super clean when it got out of the body shop. Maybe it only happened with time after it was drying and all?! I just need to let it go for now and not think about it. Again, something little but it’s yelling at me in the back of my mind. Nothing I can do before Mon or Tue as it’s closed for the weekend and Mon I work all day so I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it. That’s just me, wanting everything done and fix right away. I really wonder why I’m this way. It’s quite annoying and I’m trying so hard not to be, but I just am. Like right now, I could be going back outside and looking at it again just to make sure I am right, that there is something wrong with it. I would look at it over and over again and for what?! Looking at it a thousand times won’t change anything.

Alright, time to watch some shows and do some farming.




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