[250.1] ~*Sat – 04/21/18*~

[11:28 pm]

I am so very tired of this cough-puke. I was doing good for a lil while but it’s surely back. How am I supposed to live like this?!

OMG! When something happens in a show and you never expected it. I’m still shocked! Everything is being interesting these days. First, the book I read with an unexpected ending and now a crazy turn in the show Jane The Virgin. Gaw! Can’t wait for the next episode now.

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t wrote about this before now. Something else that’s been bugging me for a few days is that spot beside the baby barn that always seems to flood when we have a lot of rain or I guess, when snow is melting. The snow has been all gone from that area for a while now but there’s a lot of water that remains. It doesn’t seem to go in the ground. It’s something that’s been happening for ever, prob since we moved here, but it never really bugged me until now. Prob because it’s always wet so it doesn’t seem to be going anymore or maybe because it’s just worse than it ever was, I’m not too sure. I tried reading online for ideas on what to do, something I could do myself and I think I will try to aerate that spot. That said, I will have to go buy myself a pitchfork, just like a farmer. Haha! I just hope it works and I don’t need to actually ask a professional cause that’s always costly. 

We have a week and a half vacation at the end of May and will be visiting family but I’m still planning a few days here just for us so I told hub that during at least one of those days, we need to get some yard work done. I haven’t really done any last year and this year I want to get on track with that. We need to try and aerate that spot beside the baby barn, need to rake the leaves and pick those up, clean the flower bed, fix the spot I destroyed during winter and clean the gutters/roof. Wow! Now that I’m writing it down, seems like a lot. Maybe we’ll need to take two days to do it.




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