I’m just not calming down which is not abnormal for me anyway. Really eating to much sugar, way out of control. I’ve realized that coming off the meds all at once, well with cutting back to soon is a better to say it. I’m not sleeping….but it’s a little better now that I’ve just stopped one and just took on level down on the other. Then there is this Netflix thing. I understand that I am just a TV addict and spend most of my free time in front of it. But it’s all starting to add up money wise…..I realize that spending the money is spending on what I do and use. But still!! So I’ll see and work it out. I’m still going to retire on my time frame regardless, I’m still coming off the meds, I still don’t have to live here if I don’t want too. There are options. Anyway, sorry I’ve not written as much or have told the stories that I use to write….Need to go to work. Thanks 

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