Yesterday he was such an asshole.  I was ready to cut and run.  I was going to disappear and go to a shelter until the end of the month.  This morning he’s been a totally different person….wonderful, sweet, affectionate, touchy, feely, kissy…. oh, how wonderful it’s been.  He apologized for acting so awful.  It’s been several weeks since he was like this.  He was being wonderful for 2 or 3 weeks before I ran out of money and couldn’t get any more beer for him.  He’s not drinking anywhere near what he was but still some.  He said a while back that he wanted to get back to that few weeks again.  I’m sure there is some underlying problem causing it but he refuses to go see a professional to get it diagnosed to get treatment.    I just pray he stays this way…acting like a real man instead of a jackass.

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