[251] ~*Sun – 04/22/18*~

[8:13 pm]

I really love how I get super lazy when I get tired while reading. I will be laying in bed, reading my book, and when I feel that I’m tired, I will put my book away. At this point, I always need to go to the bathroom but I’m too tired to get up. I take off my glasses and basically falls asleep. I then wake up about half an hour later and finally decides to go to the bathroom, take my pill and turn off the light. That said, last night after falling asleep, waking up and going to the bathroom, when I got back in bed I took my phone to do some quests on my farm game and then put away the phone. I was trying to fall asleep but my mind was going a bit so it took some time. I finally felt asleep but kept waking up during the night, like, a lot. I finally decided to look at my phone and it was 5 am and I don’t know why but at that point I realized that the reason why I had been waking up so much was because I had totally forgotten to take my pill when I got back in bed. How did I forget about it?! I always take it. Anyways, I didn’t even have four hours left to sleep so obviously I couldn’t take my pill so I kept trying to sleep and waking up. It was a horrible night.

After the night I had, I was tired today and didn’t really wanted to go to work. The day still wasn’t so bad but I caught myself looking at the clock a few times. I was glad when the day was over. My feet are also super killing me today.

Yup, I got a super sore body so I should go lay in the tub right now cause I’m already tired and if I wait too long I might end up not taking a bath and going straight to bed which would be terrible for tomorrow. A nice warm bath always helps my body.




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