FA Cup Final (Prep).

So, Manchester United vs Chelsea for the FA Cup final on 19 Saturday May. We will be watching it at the fish and chips place. I cannot wait. That will be a great match which we will win. It’ll be Fa Cup #12 for us. 

Went to Church this morning. Great Sermon. When we pray to our Lord and Saviour are we expecting it in our time or His perfect timing. I heard a lot of things today from our Pastor that I struggle with on occasion. I have to be a better Child and Witness for Our Father. I have been neglecting my morning Bible study because, I am waking up so early. Yet, I need to always remember that He is always there no matter what time of the day. I shall change that in the morning. I need to have my heart and mind filled with His world so, that I can show a non believer what it’s like to have Jesus in your life. 

We went out to eat after Church. Went to visit the babies but, our Son and his Girlfriend were not home. So, we came back home. My Wife’s relatives are visiting. We got the kitnipbox yesterday for the babies. Omg, is it ever the cutest thing. There’s a concert t-shirt catnip toy in there that instead of saying kiss it says hiss, ha ha. We should have about another 2-3 boxes before we can move to California. We’ll give it to them then. They will love it. On 15 May, I will get each of them a really nice cat toy and a doggie bone for their dog. I’m getting their cat tree then for them too. It’s all so very cute. They will love it. I am going to hold onto it over here until we get to move because, our Son’s dog will tear up  all their toys. 

I’ve some romance planned for my Wife later when she comes up to our room. I can’t wait for that either. I pulled my tooth out this morning. It was going to fall out at anytime anyway. It feels weird but, it’s okay. I’ll get one to cover that. I’ve got to finish my workout that I want to do today. 

I’m taking a break from my writing revisions. I did 17 pages yesterday. I have only 14 more to do, I’ll finish the story up either tomorrow or Tuesday for sure. I’ve lost 8 lbs, and now I weigh 205lbs. I’m going to be under 200 lbs in two weeks. I’m going to get back down into a 34 waist, right now I’m hovering there but, I’m not quite there yet.  I’ve got a chance to get a job at a store doing what I used to do for $15 an hour. Can’t decided whether I want to do it full or part time. I’m still going to work at amazon on my days off. It will be really good money. I have to do it. 



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