Response To TheLastRefuge Conspiracy or No Conspiracy

1. First I want to say that this is my first time posting to The Conservative Tree (link: “Conspiracy or No Conspiracy, That is the Question Debated by DiGenova and Dershowitz” (link:…

I normally don’t post comments, on sites but I felt compel to do so now. I have to say that I greatly appreciate this site and Sundance for the their exceptional and detailed reporting. I have learned a lot over the past few months.

2. The comments I am going to express is not easy for me-but I refuse to be blind to actual facts as I have compared and researched. For people reading this post, I want to let them know that I was registered as a democrat for many years and I initially wanted Hillary to win. But after watching all three debates I was so disappointed with her response/lack of support to our veterans and police officers, her response as the secretary of state to the Benghanzi situation and her answer to the e-mails,-I decided that I was not going to vote for her. For me this was the 1st Presidential election that I did not vote. After Donald Trump won the election, I knew and felt that the events that led to this decision/result was going to be profound for many. I felt a “shift”-it was not going to be “business as usual.” Just take into account-you had all the mainstream media and polls stating that Hillary was going to win-They all got it so wrong-So I decided to really start researching to understand how could the media get it so wrong. I started really comparing, analyzing, and listening to the political pundits from both sides on all channels-CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS.

3. My discovery-I was initially taken aback to how deeply disappointed most of the “reporters” seemed to be with Hillary’s lost- Up-till this point I thought that “real journalist” worked in the mainstream media networks and therefore were objectively reporting the news/events. But my real discovery was opening my mind and accepting that I no longer recognize the democratic party as I once view them-after hearing and comparing the democratic/liberal pundits to the republican/conservative comments it became clear to me that the democratic party lost their way and their message to the American people. In fact I was so disgusted with how the democratic/liberals responded to Donald Trump winning the election that I decided to change my political party to Independent. I just don’t understand and cannot reconcile the idea of not supporting the elected President of The United States-Elections has consequences-if you are not happy with the performance of a President then in 4 years vote him out-in my humble view the democratic party has been unfair and obstructionist since Trump took office- they have fought him on almost every decision and no support from nominating his cabinet members to filing frivolous lawsuits to obstruct him. The fact that they were talking about impeaching Trump almost immediately after he took office without any proven facts/evidence that he committed a crime or did something so egregious was something that really jumped out for me

4. So I have concluded that Trump wining the election was/and has been a blessing in disguise-This election has had a ripple and consequential effect in that “both parties” have really shown to the American party where they really stand on issues that matter to them. A blunt truth has been brought to the forefront and for those who are willing to do the research-the conclusion that they will come to is that this election has been a wake-up call.

5. I am going to echo what someone else expressed and that is that I believe Dersh role is to play devils advocate, for the controlled opposition. I have a difficult time believing that Dersh actually believes any of that, the evidence is too strong. I believe (and strongly hope) that the ultimate goal is not only to indict and arrest the bad actors from Hillary and Obama’s camp but to ultimately arrest Hillary or Obama or both. This scenario has to happen if Trump and his administration is serious about bringing justice and restoring the reputation of the FBI Agency and Department of Justice. We shall see in the coming days, weeks, and months how all this plays out. I’m holding on to faith and hope that the system that has been rigged for so long is finally on it’s way to being restored to an equal level for all!

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