Entry One

This is my first entry and it’s going to be a lot. First off, my little brother, Creighton is going to be starting therapy this Tuesday (He’s ten). When I found this out, I felt a wave of relief brush off of me. You may be wondering why a ten year old would be going to therapy. Well, the answer is very simple, my Father is an verbally and emotionally abusive alcoholic. He’s called me worthless, a bitch, a failure, and a fucking piece of shit. He’s called older brother Tyler a pussy and same goes for Creighton. I moved in with my mom 2 years and 4 months ago because I couldn’t deal with him yelling at me the way he did anymore. A few months later, Tyler moved out too after he turned 18. The thing about Creighton is that sadly he can’t escape my father because my step mom is still married to the shit face. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my father but the way that he treats Creighton kinda makes me want to hate him. Creighton is my littlest brother so all I want to do is protect him from my father but if I’m not there, I can’t. There’s nothing I can do to fix it and it stresses me out. I wish I had a way to fix without having to move back in with my father.

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  1. I wish your little brother is gonna be alright and you can protect him too whatever does it take.
    And i also appreciate your wisdom of still loving your father even though he underestimate you.

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