[252.1] ~*Mon – 04/23/18*~

[11:20 pm]

So very sad! It’s not even midnight yet and I’ll be heading to bed cause I’m just too tired. Tomorrow is my one day where I can sleep in as much as I want and I’ll be heading to bed earlier than when I have to get up. Seems to always be the case. Monday’s are harsh!

I didn’t get any cancellation today. After I was done with my second client, I had about 15 mins to spare so what did I do?! I parked in a parking lot and slept for that 15 mins. I then picked up my client and when we were done I drove to the store with about half an hour to spare so again, parked and slept in the car. I really don’t like where this is going. This is how I was before taking my sleeping pill, I had to park anywhere and everywhere just to catch up some sleep even if it was just a few minutes. This is torture when you have a very long day. I hope this won’t last.

So that’s pretty much it. I didn’t get to do much more than work and sleep when ever I had a chance. The store was such a mess when we left but there’s nothing more I could of done. It’s just seriously becoming ridiculous over there.

Alright, bed is calling my name.




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