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1:43 AM

So I’m pretty damn new at this site. I like to type a lot and I have a shit ton of experiences I want to be able to share so I figure I’d try this site on for size. 

My name’s Blake Young (first name is a fake because I do NOT need anyone to find out who I really am; that shit’s terrifying). All of my friends call me Young anyway, so the first name is pretty pointless. 

I’m twenty years old. My birthday’s August 23rd. 

My mom is African American and my dad is half-Native American, half white (French). So yeah I’m a mutt lmao.

I was born and raised in southern Louisiana all my life. I have three homes as of now. My dad lives in Dulac in a shitty trailer park, my mom owns an apartment on the east side of Houma, and I have a friend who lets me crash at his apartment every now and then in New Orleans. Besides those three I bounce around from friend to friend pretty often. I can’t stand being in one place too long. But I always bring my laptop!

I’m gay. It’s a little rough because so many people make gay jokes, but it hasn’t gotten me too much trouble. I’ve called three guys my boyfriend in my life, and I’ve slept with close to twenty of them. At this point it seems like any of my exes has slept with at least half of my other exes. 

One of the main things I will be talking about on this account is the…gang?…I’m a part of. We don’t really have a name for ourselves. And the only reason I’m even involved is because an ex fuckbuddy of mine, twenty-nine year old Kyle, just so happens to be our unofficial leader. We were fuckbuddies for a few days before he got himself arrested, but months later he got out, we reconnected, we fucked a few times, we kinda ended things on a good-ish note, and we’re still friends. He was pretty serious about me. I mean, he brought me into his world. A world of drugs and booze and violence and yada yada yada. And he must still care, he doesn’t really want to kick me out of this group.

There’s like nine of us all together, plus a few others who are friends of members of the group but not part of the “daily squad” that’s constantly hanging out. Four of our members are part of the same family. There’s Kyle, his younger brother, and two of their cousins. 

Besides this group and everything involved with it, I live a somewhat decent normal life? I have “normal” friends who do normal things like watch anime and go out shopping and shit like that. You know, stuff that isn’t illegal. I was always a good kid until this group happened. I was a person who never left his house, watched anime 24/7…I guess anime and certain TV shows sparked my interest in gangs. I was obsessed with life that wasn’t so perfect. Most of my newer friends were those who lived on the streets. I chose to fuck around with Kyle, probably one of the biggest meth-heads and most violent people I know of. And thanks to him now I’m living this life…

I kinda lead like this double-life. Around my “normal” friends I’m this nerdy kid who would never do anything wrong. I’m still “Blake” to them. But to this newer crowd, this gang or whatever we are, I’m Young, a reckless addict who sleeps around with way more people than he should and is always finding himself in troubling situations. 

This is my life I guess. I sound pretty dramatic don’t I? Meh. That’s all for this entry. I hope some of you read this and comment. Please don’t comment anything like “please stop doing stupid shit” or “get yourself better friends” I heard it all before. Just let me be. Other than that comment away.

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