Relationship, Friendship and Professionalism

I’ve been struggling about 3 months lately maintaining my presence in front of my friends regarding of my relationship. I’m not such a guy would like to brag about my personal relationship to the others, even to my parents. And i did become like this since i had that trauma when i still at Junior High School. And since then, i’ve been maintaining this kind of professionalism so i can stable the friendship between myself with my friends.

The problem that i’m having now is just, there is this girl who that actually i like and becoming a crush since, and another one who suddenly appear out of nowhere after breaking up with her ex-bf and clinging into me. Having those two, running me up so much problems in the last 3 months. Those include the stability of my friendship existence in the eye of my friends. 

I know i’m faced with choosing an option, but fuck. I always know the prediction of what it’ll gonna turn next which is what i don’t like. I know relationship is so essential to the others who might prefer to it. But i kinda have this friendship-complex since i was a kid and my pasts that haunts me. 😞. 

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