The last time

I woke up before 2:30 this morning. I was out the door at 3:30, and was signed it at work at 4:30 this morning. No route. My time, and my life are worth much more than making the time to drive sixty fucking miles round trip to have nothing come from it. I break my ass for everything that I get and I want something to be shown for it. I am not saying that I deserve more than another but, having a little piece of the share would be appreciated. I am going to fill out that job application today for the one that is supposedly waiting for me, and we shall see what the Lord will do in His will. He has been there so many times before, and I know in my heart and I trust that He will be there now.

I am sick of doing the right things for the right reasons and getting shortchanged. This no route thing has happened for the very last time. If I go in tomorrow and it happens again I will not ho back I will just take this job that I am applying for and that will be that. I am better than this situation, and a much better worker than this situation.

After, I finish the application I am going to finish off that story that I am doing the revisions on. I have another story that is beginning to be written in my mind. I woke up thinking about it this morning. I am not at all sure that a story has been written like the one that I have in mind. I’ve got the outline of it in my head. I’m not writing anything down. I have other story ideas that I have written down in one of the totes that are in our storage room that I need to get into. I will get that done sometime this weekend probably on Saturday. Today though, I am going to get the printer hooked up so that I can print out the story and let my Wife read the whole thing.

I’m going to start making an office for myself even though I don’t have any room for it. I need to get some file folders together for the story that I am finishing up, and then another for the one that I will work upon next. I need to get some files together for the short story ideas I have written down, the Character names files, and for the scenes that I have written down as well. I’m going to get a writing software programme set up on this laptop that I will use to write and create my further writing projects. My other laptop I will get fixed and my Wife can use that for whatever she wants to. This one will be for my writing. I am getting much deeper and much more serious into this whole endeavor. I will have two if not three whole stories revised by the time we get to moving. The time for me to be living off the proceeds from my writing are upon us. It’s only a matter of when it happens. I cannot be held back by anyone or anything.



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