Day 778 to 786 – Productive

Monday, April 23, 2018

I thought I missed weeks, but turned out it has been nine days—that’s the maximum of how I used to write in between entries.

Where to begin. I suppose lots has happened, yet I don’t remember much of it for some reason. I can start with today and go backwards.

I worked quite a bit today—it was pretty productive. I started my painting in art, did some research for programming, and started my outline for writer’s craft. I also recieved my grade for programming which is 95%. I expected higher, but oh well, I can’t complain. I have a presentation this week, hence the research, so I better do good on that one. Expect I used up the research time instead of completing my outline for writer’s craft. I need to submit it to have it reviewed. I’m not in a rush but I need to have it done tomorrow. I’m using this To Do List app and so far it’s working pretty well. Instead of adding reminders in notes, it’s much easier to set up. I also see myself not being able to procastinate on the tasks when they pop up because I set them up the night before.

I also went biking for an hour! My dad and I went pretty far but not too far. I plan to do biking for an hour every day from Monday to Friday. However, tomorrow I’m not going because we’re gonna see Ready Player One. I’m gonna be counter productive while chowing down on popcorn but if I don’t have an event like that stopping me from biking then I’m not allowed to be lazy and not go. Besides, it’s a fun exercise, so I don’t see myself unmotivated.

Last weekend I didn’t do much. I helped out with the server and worked a little on writer’s craft. Also, I helped my mom with groceries. But I went out with my brother for sushi which was a lot of fun. It was our first time eating out together alone. We need to do that more often. Oh, to add, I voice chatted with Phantom for a bit. That was fun!

On Friday it was senior skip day, so I stayed home and caught up in writer’s craft. There were also police cars in front of the house across the street that caught on fire last year from people we know. The police were going in and out, and around it. There were also so many college students walking around. Our guess is some kind of party in that house. It’s extremly disrespectful if it was. They’ve been waiting for their house to be repaired for almost a year, and they only recently started it. It’s not your home, smh.

And the week before that… School/forgot, basically. I did watch The Last Jedi for a second time during that week. I wanted to properly form an opinion on it after my first reaction. I actually quite like it now. (SPOILERS) The only problems I have compared to the first time I watched it was the killing of Snoke without knowing anything about him and how he was killed so easily despite being made out to be immensely powerful, and the killing of Phasma because she was an underused character that had so much potential. However, she did survive the last movie, so she might this time. If she does survive, they better use her more.

That’s all for today.

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