Depression is no joke

There are always times when my depression is extremely high. It’s so bad that it effects my married life.  My wife trys to help me get thru it, but more often then not it doesn’t work.  I’ve been almost completely broke since I lost my last job.  My new job is better pay, but I don’t get paid until the beginning of next month. You see they hold back two weeks, which hurts sometimes. Now when I get paid the first of the month that’s when our rent is due. Plus I need to get my vehicle fixed and we need food in the house.  Before I lost my job I let my sister-in-law $150 for various reasons. Now she will not even acknowledge me and will not pay me back my money. I could use that so badly to help with different bills. I am truly beginning to think she is like one of my brother-in-law’s and is racist against me. You see I am in an interracial relationship and there are a few that think we should not be married because of this fact. To me that’s bullshit because if I was blind or she was blind how would we truly know what the other person look like. When somebody bases there opinion on You by the color of your skin it makes them look truly stupid. We are all the same in the inside just our outside is what makes us different.

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