Yeah, buddy!!!  He called me a liar when I told him that Siegal Suites refused to allow me to make a reservation for another Siegal Suites in Phoenix because I was already staying in one in Albuquerque.  Using that as an excuse is absolutely retarded.  He’s called and had to leave a message.  I doubt they’ll call him back.  I told him the only way to get a reservation is put his name on the reservation, pay cash and then put me out.  He picked a fight, again, and sex is off the table again tonight.  I finally told him all he was doing was making excuses to not have sex with me because he wasn’t attracted to me.  He’s vohemately denying it.  I told him I would give him money to get to Phoenix and he could just stay with his sister if that’s who she really is to him.  He won’t contact her and tell her that WE’RE coming.  He won’t tell anyone (epically his family) about me.  Not his friends, nobody.  Keeping me a secret and refusing sex right before we leave for another city???  Sounds to me like he’s ashamed and embarrassed by me.  I don’t want to be with a man like that.  This just proves my point that I’m ugly and repulsive. 

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  1. If you truly do not want to be with this man then leave him. I have been reading your journal for a couple of days and to me this man sounds like an abusive asshole. No man should ever make you feel the way he’s making you feel. I’m sorry I should have called him a man cuz he’s acting like a little baby. God will place the right man in your life if only you asked him to do so.

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