Late night contemplation….

Cod evening all

so nothing exciting did happen to me today. I didn’t even have a single accident this is an achievement for me..and now im just sat on my sofa drinking a hot chocolate and contemplating 

Time for a little bit of seriousness but once this part is over I won’t be serious again it’s just not me 😉 

I know my life isn’t perfect my relationship is hard work at times but sometimes it can be good no relationship has ever been easy. I watched my beloved grandparents have 67 years of married bliss and did it teach me anything no I don’t think it did. I’ve been in this relationship for almost three years and I’m bored I want more but I won’t get out of it.

I’m used to the familiarity of it all..I don’t want to start dating again I really don’t I’m too awkward for all of that. 

ve had chances to sleep with other men and I’ve turned them down just because I want more doesn’t mean I should do it behind my boyfriend’s back. I have no intention of cheating on him. 

I would rather stay unhappy for the rest of my days then cheat on my partner. A part of me hopes he will cheat on me first but that’s never likely.

Peace Out


Beth Anne

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