Monday April 23rd

I saw Lisa today. I told her about Greg. I told her about my anxiety I started feeling when I was thinking about the fact that I really, really like him and that is potential for a huge disaster. I was so completely broken down over Craig- and I know that’s so dumb because he’s nothing. But I was devastated. I was SO depressed- then the whole mess with David was next- then the mess with Adam- then the mess with Scott- ha. I know Greg is not perfect, but the flaws he has are okay with me- we all have flaws- It’s like Rent- “I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine.” We all have it- you don’t make it this far in life without it. Lisa told me just to be present in this moment right now and enjoy right now- no need to plan for the future- no need to worry about it right now. Just enjoy being with him. I could fall in love with him. I want to spend more time with him. I know he likes hanging out with his friends- I do too- but I just want to be with him right now- to get to know him.  I think this really could be the one. 

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