Quiet day…..


Hello Friends,

I am back for another installment of my journal. So far nothing interesting has happened. Absolutely Zilch. Nada. And what happened to our summer I will never bloody know it was 30 odd degrees the other day and now it’s freezing and ramping down with rain.

I think my partner is on his period so far all he’s done is fucking whinge. He wants a gold medal for cooker dinner last night it was only spaghetti bol you are hardly Gordon Ramsey pipe the fuck down. I appreciate he made dinner but I do everything else and I have no gold star so why should he get a medal I need one for putting up with his shit. At the moment I would happily swap him for a Kit Kat chunky. Even my budgie is a mouthy sod sassing me cuz I won’t let him bother my slightly mad cockatiel…

Is it bad that it’s only Tuesday and I’m already thinking about when my next drink is?? 

I’m not an alcoholic I swear but when Saturday rolls around I am straight on the alcohol and the next morning I swear blind I’m not doing it ever again but the week after what am I doing sat at a table with a glass one hand and cigarette in the other belting out Bon Jovi songs for the whole village to hear

I love weekends on the piss just hate hangovers waking up with the jazz band playing in your head like whose banging them fucking cymbals!?! Mouth is as dry as the Sahara desert. The overwhelming urge to vomit…ugh  

I’ve got writers block today it’s weird because I’ve usually got lots to talk about but today I’ve not because it’s been such a boring day think I might watch a girly film and just gorge myself on chocolate…Im already chunky so another 1 won’t hurt 

Until next time my friends

Beth Anne over  & out 

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