I’ve got some things to think about. I want us to get an older class a motorhome and live in fulltime for a year. I also want to get a pickup truck. I’m thinking of getting a Dodge Ram, used of course. I don’t mind how old it would be. I’m not even thinking about the mileage. I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t be able to get into  farmhouse with land right away. We are going to have to work on it so, that I am prepared to do. I don’t think that it shall be that long before we are there though. I like the idea of being able to move our “house” wherever we wanted to go. The better part of it is to be able to make our house into our own. We can design it or redesign it if you will into what we have in our minds. I like the idea of a koi pond. I love the idea of a pet cemetery to honour our babies that are in Heaven today.  I know that we have many different kinds of animals because, we’ve got such a heart for them. I know that we will come across some stray animals along the way, and I can’t wait to help them as much as I can. I know that we’ll grow our own food, and have things that we’ll be in charge of. I am ready for the responsibility of it all. I look forward to being able to wake up before the sunsets and get out in the fields and care for our animals. I also look forward to watching the sunsets going down and looking out towards the mountains, and starting a bonfire when we’ll have company over. I want to hear the different cries of the animals that will be coming across our fields and property. It’s all in the days ahead of us. The moments, they are waiting to be lived which they will. 

I’m going to get a thumb drive and use that for my completed writing projects. I can just print it out at Kinko’s or Office Depot perhaps. I don’t need to have it sitting in a file folder, I can just print it out when I need it. Having a master copy for myself is really the only thing that I need. 

When my Wife finishes doing what she’s doing, I want to close the door to our room and take some time to be with her. We do some things apart. She does a lot of her cleaning chores, as she calls them and I’m always writing. I’m always thinking of scenes and dialogue, and how a character would deal or react within different situations. Sometimes, I go off into those thought and I may leave other things behind in it’s wake. I am not at all certain of what would be the balance between the two. 


The idea of working out there in solitude growing our crops, repairing the fence, helping to rear some baby animals that’s my element. I hate having to talk a lot about things, I’d rather just work and get things done and go home and be with my Wife. I enjoy working for us or myself more than I have to work for others. I’ve punched the timeclock making someone else’s bill get paid. I want to work at getting our own paid. Let everyone else pay their own stuff. I want my Wife to have the things she wants. All she has to say to me is, this is what I would really like and that’s that. I have no problem spoiling her. She’s the only woman that I have spent my life waiting for so, why wouldn’t I do everything that I can for her every chance I get? She wants either a Jaguar suv that we saw the last time we went to the dealership to get the keyless entry remotes sorted, or a Gmc Arcadia. She will get whatever one of those that she wants. It won’t be used. I want her to walk into a dealership and tell the salesperson what she wants and get everything that she asks for. We will never leave with the money that we make in life, the only thing that we can do is leave it behind for other, as well as our memories. She knows how to have a conversation with anybody which, is something that my Mum was very good at. So, I have no doubt that she will develop new friends when we move to California. She’s a really good, sweet down to earth woman. She loves to laugh about things. It’s funny because, I spend most of my time talking about my love for my Wife round people, and she talks about the same things about me. I think that either on our fifth year or our tenth year anniversary I want to renew our vows. I’m thinking the tenth would be ideal. We still have not gone on our Honeymoon yet. We have planned to go to San Francisco. We will probably do it next year. I want to be ina really nice Bed and Breakfast or perhaps a really nice Hotel and put the do not disturb sign on the door. I am so in  love with my Wife. 


So, how I’m thinking of it is like this. We will get the motorhome in a few months, after we get our settlement. We will get our pickup truck after next spring so, that we can use it to haul furniture and whatever else it is we would need to haul. We will buy our motorhome in cash. Our Jag, we will pay off before next spring. With that being paid off, we should be able to get a better auto loan rate than where we’d be right now if we went that route. The only other thing that I would like to get next year is either a tractor, or an atv that I can put a tiller attachment onto the back of.  We are going to have to really sit down and talk about what it is that we want to grow as far as out fruits and vegetables are concerned. 


I am going to “bother” my Wife, ha ha




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