[253] ~*Wed – 04/25/18*~

[2:41 am]

I don’t even know if it was midnight when I felt asleep last night. I went to bed, talked with hub a bit and felt asleep when he got out of bed. I wanted to read but I was way too tired for that. I woke up it was 2 am. I went to the bathroom and turned off the light as I was clearly not gonna do any reading and took my pill. 

I got out of bed it was around 3:30 pm. Watched a show, took a shower, dried my hair and straighten it. Me and hub went out to eat and then went to see Blockers which was super funny. I really enjoyed the movie and it was nice seeing a movie with hub. After the movie I dropped him off at my friend’s so he could spend some time with her bf while me and her went to the Casino. I got $25 on mom’s friend card and only $5 on mom’s card. Bleh! Didn’t make any money with that. I did put $20 of my own money in and took out $70 so that was all my money since I played on my cash. Woohoo!

After the Casino we stayed at my friend’s place a bit and go out it was way past midnight. We got home, I watched a show/played my farming game and then came to bed to read. Now I just finished reading and thought I would write before sleeping.




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