[253.1] ~*Wed – 04/25/18*~

[11:36 pm]

I was getting ready today and got a text from the office saying that my first client was cancelling. Bleh! I had my laser apt today so I couldn’t go back to bed. I was very tempted to cancel my apt so I could go back to sleep but decided that I shouldn’t do that. 

I went out for my laser and then texted my friend to see if she could come to the Casino earlier since I had a cancellation and that would save me from going tonight. She couldn’t as she had to pick up her son from school. I then called my other friend to see if she wanted to come eat with me so we went to the buffet at the Casino and I then played. I gave my friend $10 to play as I had $20 on mom’s card and $20 on her friend’s card. I didn’t make anything at all with that. I even played $30 of my own money and lost it. Arg! I was doing good at not playing my own money but I feel like the addiction is sort of coming back. I’ve been wanting to go to Jack’s. Darn gambling! The fun is over anyways as it was the last day for the free money unless they get some next month. 

I’m getting very annoyed with my new garden doors and I don’t know if I should contact the people that installed them, once again. I feel like a pain in the ass but I’m not very pleased with those and I paid a crazy price for them. So the problem is, we never ever use those doors but once in a while I will pull on them to make sure they are lock. I just did that before coming to bed and the door opened when I pulled on it. What the hell?! The door is locked, yet it opens. I’m getting very pissed. I still have the bungee cord on them and it’s ridiculous, they are freaking new. Why is the door opening from time to time when it’s locked?! After it opened, I closed it and pulled back a few times and it stayed closed. I don’t understand and it’s not the first time it happened. I really miss my old doors where there was a piece of wood in the middle so it was each a door and not a door in a door concept. I never had problems with the old doors. This is why I hate paying for new things, new things always seems to be worse than the old thing. I wish they could of just fixed the bottom that was rotten and not change it all. I have beautiful doors, yet I need a bungee cord cause sometimes the door will open even if locked. I think I really need to contact the company, again. Arg! I really don’t want a deadbolt on the door, I don’t like the look but it seems like it might be the only way to make sure the door stays locked with two locks. Crazy! I didn’t have deadbolt on my old doors. Blah! A year later and I still have trouble with those goddamn doors. I’m just so unlucky. I have enough things to think about beside having to think about those doors again.

This whole situation with the doors just worked me up so I might as well stop here and try to read before sleeping to calm myself down. I just can’t believe how there’s always something going on. Then again, I always say that I need stress in my life or I don’t function.




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