No social media!

Hey all, 

Gotta lot of changes im trying to make financially. So as a way to refocus my energy and time i have deleted my social media from my phone. 

My little sister does it from time to time and so does my cousin. They’re both in college and working full time successfully so i thought i’d take a stab at it. 

I wanted to know, does this work for you? Have you tried this? If so what do you all think would be a good amount of time to stay off? I thought maybe 30-90 days. Not sure which yet but somewhere in there just to get me back kn track. And honestly to get me unplugged from the world a bit. 

I find too much social media FOR ME leads to an impulse to try to “keep up with the joneses” or the feeling im somehow lacking when im not.

Give me some insight below in the comments! 

And as always, Thanks for reading😘

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