Today was a rough day.

I had a math exam and it kicked my ass. It was only 6 questions and I wasn’t able to answer 1, it was very very very hard. Afterwards everyone was commenting on how difficult they found it.

Then I had another engineering class where we are building a stirling engine. Its been a lot more challenging than we thought it would be, and we have had to many so many adjustments, but still it doesn’t work on its own. My team and I are stressing out. But we’re going to keep going. The upperclassmen engineering students are so helpful, they’ve given us a lot of advice, and even free supplies. I’m so thankful to them. They know the struggle, so we are all supportive of each other. 

But …….I’m so stressed about this fucking engine, I want to cry. 

Nothing has fucking gone right. 

I left my house at 9AM and by the time Ayato picked me up from school it was 9PM, spent all day on campus. 

My baby bought me pizza and comforted me, and actually helped me with the engine. I was feeling so stressed and manic that I was starting to hyperventilate from the stress, it got really bad. Thankfully he was here and helped me calm down. 


Now, I’m finished with my lab report for my chem class so I can finally sleep. 

I just wanted to update an entry before bed.



  • Good night. – Skylar. xo

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