Pre-Flight Planning

Boy, it’s way beyond the time to start planning for a departure that will occur in about 3 weeks but it is par for the course for us.   In a little review of the RV, we were pleasantly surprised that there were no weird smells coming from it and nothing exploded in cabinets or in the fridge.  We even found a bag of brownies from the last trip in October that Bob feels are still edible.  Now that things have been cleared out, it’s getting time to fill it back up!  One saving grace about  this extended trip is that our travels crisscrossing the country may have us coming by Omaha before we head west so if there’s anything that we’ve forgotten, we might be able to swing back home and grab it.  Hopefully Cooper is a trooper and enjoys the road like our other past pets…cats included!  Looking forward to keeping everyone posted on our adventure!

One thought on “Pre-Flight Planning”

  1. Happy trails my friend — be safe out there and we’ll be watching for updates!

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