Prom sucks

How do I go to a school with an abundance of men, (1,028) to be exact, and not a single one of them are able or eligible to go to prom with me. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. I am beautiful, strong, funny, and love to dance. I am great. That might sound extremely cocky and might make me seem full of myself, but I am a catch and it really sucks to be turned down over and over and over again. Guy, after guy, after guy, has had a conflict the day of this dreadful dance. How are none of them able to go. It does not make any logical sense. None at all, and now every single one of my friends has a date and I am waiting, waiting until the very last minute to maybe find an extremely awkward date.  I can not wait for this “night of our lives” where my friends will be whisked away by their dates and I will end up at home, with my dress, crying, alone. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!

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