[254.2] ~*Thu – 04/26/18*~

[9:37 pm]

Looks like I’m writing for a third time today. I took a bath but that didn’t work cause my mind kept going even if I was reading. I got out of the tub and just made things worse. Since hub had put the a/c on, I decided it was time to clean the window. I took the a/c window out and cleaned the actual window. When I tried cleaning the a/c window, I couldn’t get into the bottom to clean it. I took the vacuum to try and vacuum the pine needles that are stuck in there but only got a few out. I even tried to get a Q-tips to pull some out but no luck. That said, there’s still some pine needle left in there and it’s bugging the hell out of me but I can’t get to them. These damn pine needles.

After cleaning what I could I decided it was time for that sheet of paper that was glued to the window to go as well. I ripped that off but it left a mess of glue behind. This is why I had never took the sheet off cause I knew it was going to do that. I had bought some Goo Gone for this purpose and was all excited to use it BUT it didn’t do a damn thing so now I’m super pissed. I spent 10-15 mins trying to get rid of that glue and nothing. Grr! Why do they even stick that on the window in the first place?!

I checked online and saw a guy use bug spray and it worked amazingly for him. I need to get myself some bug spray. I wonder if it’s already out at this time of year. I just hope it works cause I’m pissed. I was just so sure that Goo Gone was going to work.

I’m also being upset cause in the window casing, there’s cracks. It’s new and there’s cracks. I mean, it was prob in the piece of wood already but bleh. Everything is just bugging the hell out of me right now. I have to find every lil mistake around the house and make a huge deal out of it. I hate when I’m being this way. Why do everything have to be so darn perfect?! I mean, I’m far from perfect so why do I always expect everything to be 100% perfect when I know it’s impossible. I don’t understand why I’m this way. It sucks!

What also sucks is that hub woke up and went on the PC. I had to yell at him to say he only had 15 mins before his shift started and it’s a 15 mins drive. Arg! Seems like he’s always late since he’s been salaried. I’m scared he will just end up losing his job. I don’t need this stress of worrying about him and his job right now. Anyways, that said, he didn’t wash the suggies kitchen so I had to do it. I wanted to do all the dishes that he didn’t put in the dishwasher earlier but I don’t have the energy right now after having dealt with my window.

I really wanted to put away the laundry tonight but I have a feeling that won’t be happening now that I’m pissed off. It’s almost 10 pm and I wanted to get to bed early-ish tonight. Always something!

Well, I’ll be finishing the episode of Blacklist that I was watching earlier and will be watching the last episode of Riverdale and then I shall see how I feel about putting away the laundry.


[10:20 pm]

Not long after I finished my entry I had to go cough up some mucus. Always fun! If only coughing up what I cough up would clear me for a while, wouldn’t be so bad.

Anyways, I decided to be good and went and put away one basket of clothes so I just have another one to put away which I will try my hardest to do before bed. I was putting clothes in the closet and gosh, we need to clean our closet cause the poles are bending. Too many clothes and a lot that we never wear. We cleaned it two years ago and I think it’s time to clean it again cause I just looked real quick in hub’s clothes cause I was on his side and there’s a few shirts in there that I don’t really imagine him wearing anymore. I don’t even know if I will ask him to do the cleaning himself, I might just go and do it without telling him. Haha! I’m sure he wouldn’t know the difference cause like I said, I wouldn’t imagine him wearing those shirts so it must have been a while since he did. Wouldn’t surprise me that he wasn’t even wearing them two years ago when we did the cleaning but he still kept them.

Gosh, time is flying. I better get to those shows if I want to watch them before bed time.




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