[254.1] ~*Thu – 04/26/18*~

[7:41 pm]

Darnit! I was brushing my teeth and looking at them and saw that I have a black spot at the bottom of one of my back teeth. I tried using the pick thing to see if it was black tartar or if it’s a cavity that’s starting. I think it felt like a hole so it’s more than likely a cavity. Arg! It’s just really hard to tell cause I can’t really check in the back of my mouth. I just finished doing all the work on my teeth last year, I don’t want to have more fillings. This is gonna bug me for the next two months now. Glad I’m seeing the dentist in June.

I was also looking at the mess I made when I parked on the side of the driveway this winter and realized the soil is really hard and cracked at one spot where the grass doesn’t grow anymore. I want to fix that as well but I’m not too sure how. I’ve been looking online but I’m still not sure. I’m also not sure when would be a good time to do it. I’m scared to do it too early or too late. I might have to stop somewhere and ask someone about this. I just really want to fix that part of the lawn.

I also really need to clean the window in our bedroom as I was supposed to do that like six months ago. Hub just turned the a/c on cause he said it was too warn in the bedroom and he couldn’t sleep. Arg! Already turning the a/c on and I haven’t cleaned the window. I’m getting really disappointed with myself cause of all the things I haven’t done.

I just hate how I let all these little things affect me. I just can’t stop thinking about it and it makes me feel depressed. A lot of time I really don’t like being me. Right now, I want to do something to stop thinking about those things and I don’t know what. Watching shows and playing on my farm game isn’t enough cause it stays in the back of my mind. I need something that totally occupies my mind but what. Silly, silly things and blah!

Hub was nice today, he cleaned the dishwasher, filled it back and turned it on. I was impressed! One less thing for me to do. I am currently doing the laundry. I just hope I’ll be putting it away before going to bed cause I’ve been lazy with it, leaving it in the basket and in the dryer. I was good last night and did the garbage and took it to the curb. I did realized thought when I brought back the bin that I had forgotten one bag at the bottom. Blah! Now I need to wait two weeks before I can put that bag at the curb. Just hope I won’t forget it again.

Well, I think it’s time to go try and relax in the tub. I’ve been doing a lot of writing these past days. Almost always have two entries per day.




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