Changes to my life

It’s been a while since I have written. I guess I haven’t because there hasn’t been much to say. My life has been boring, and I can’t complain, I like boring. I like routine, a life of routine is a life expected. My life is anything but routine now.

About 2 months ago, I had a very stupid accident. Stupid in the sense that, it never should have happened to being with. I woke up that morning went about my morning routine, the usual, brush teeth, wash face, scratch inner ear…you might see where this is going, maybe not. I used a Q-tip to scratch my inner ear (before you say it, believe me, I know “Don’t put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear”), of course I’m half asleep. Well, as I was in the process of getting that itch my cat was trying to open the cabinet, she likes to lay in there. I reach to open the door for her, leaving the Q-tip in my ear, and in ended up stabbing myself with it. I have never felt such pain, and the ringing was intense. Needless to say, I busted my eardrum.

I went to the ER, got confirmation that it was indeed busted, (which I didn’t need), and some antibiotics. I got on the road to recovery. I was told to follow up with my doctor, so I set an appointment. Normally, I don’t go to the doctor, I feel ok most days. This I believed needed to be looked at, and this is where all my troubles start.

I believe I will stop here for now, this was a long entry. Tomorrow, I will talk about what really has been bothering, what I just found out.

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