Hate my Job

I hate my job. I know lots of ppl can say that but I truly do.  It’s so stressful. I mean the job isnt bad, it’s the ppl in charged. Im being forced to work my time off plus at another facility. . Why ? Because a fellow work decides to take 2 wks off with fmla. Only certain ones get what they want. Favoritism is a big thing n I’m really tired of it. Pretty bad when you been at a job 10 yrs and another co-worker who’s been at the job like a yr kisses the bosses ass so bad he shares info with her that should be private.   Such as who’s been written up n for what. She gets lots of info she shouldn’t even know. Cant trust her. Snitch. Come in early n leave early. If short handed n I ask to come in early  I can’t leave early  though.  I’m  fed up with it. I’ve been with this company for  10 yrs n I feel like I don’t even matter. I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s so bad but it’s like there is nothing you could do. My hands are tied. Id quit but  I need a job n medical. I applied for a new job. Idk though. I cried when I came home. I feel lost, like I’m losing control. I need a change, Quick!

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