his lips taste like paradise

Yesterday, I got to see Jordan again. He showed me Treasure Planet. I thought it was pretty good but my attention span is trash so I asked if we could do something else. I feel bad, because he told me it was one of his all time favorites. And the character really is a lot like him. Personality and of course, Jimmy’s father leaving. But it’s not like I get to see him everyday like back when we lived together. And it was getting late. I kinda do that a lot, there’s lots of movies we started and didn’t finish, recently. But I DO wanna finish them. I’ll make it up to him Saturday night.

We stopped the movie and played Madlibs and it was really fucking funny. After that, I kinda shyly asked him if we could have sex. We hadn’t in awhile. And I was kinda just, fuck it, just ask and see what he says. And he kinda teased me and said “hmmm let me think about that.” We had to throw all of Jordan’s clean laundry off the bed but after that it was on. I started kissing and sucking on his thighs and moved my way up to suck on his nipples, first gentle then rough and then back to gentle. Then I lightly sucked on his balls and let my hands roam and stroke underneathe and between his thighs. He was dying by then, so I started sucking his dick. He started talking dirty to me. Usually I have to ask but he just started doing it out of nowhere and it was honestly so sexy and now I was the one dying. So he layed me down and we started making out, god had I missed that. It’d been like a week since we last hooked up. His lips taste like paradise and the way he kisses me…it’s honestly heaven. I can’t stop. Then he can’t take it anymore and he starts fucking me and it’s perfect. There’s nothing better than sex with somebody you love. Somebody who knows how to touch your body just right. Dating or not, we have chemistry and it makes for amazing sex. Sex is a physical thing but it’s also very much a mental thing. Sex without chemistry is nothing.

We tried positions we’d never done before in places we hadn’t fucked in a long time, it was fun. I was so close to cumming but I didn’t. Like just when I was about to hit that place, he couldn’t take it anymore. He came all over my back and butt and he got some in my hair too. After, we walked to the gas station and I got him an Arizona tea and a snack for myself. It was actually really fun joking around and talking there. He makes me really happy and I’m glad I have him in my life. We agreed that anytime he makes me cum, I’ll take him out to dinner. His idea lol.

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