The Bible and richness

Been having wake up calls on how toxic the church’s view of money is. They have this belief that Godliness and humility means you have to be poor. That’s nonsense and contradicts the Scriptures. Look at all the people in the Bible. Many of them were rich. Abraham, Job, Lot, Solomon, David, Paul, maybe Noah, Moses, etc. They were rich to some degree. Alot of them had all the women, the money, the resources, etc. They were still humble and did good things. Even Jesus was rich. He lived life as a poor man but people forget he’s going to be materialistically rich when he comes back as a king. You should never put money above God but the notion that you have to be poor like everyone else is absurd. I don’t believe in the prosperity gospel but God wants everyone to be rich in some way.

One thought on “The Bible and richness”

  1. God wants everyone to have their needs met. “Give us this day our daily bread…” the Bible sometimes distorts some things I’m afraid. Mainly God wants our heart to know and love Him and to believe in His deep love for us. It’s all good. Maybe not, but GOD is always good. Bless you!

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