Thursday April 26th

I am calmer today. However, I think I have a uti. Ugh. Always something. We have track practice after school today, I’m sure, but I am going to tell her I have to go the doctor- I have got to start an antibiotic so I can be better. I won’t be able to go Friday because we have a meet that will last until 10. They probably will be pissed that I’m missing practice, but oh well. I have to go to the doctor. 

I am feeling a little more confident in my “relationship”. I don’t know what to call it- we’ve been talking for 3 weeks or so, and have been on one date. I guess we are dating. I’m scared I’m going to mess something u. I have been alone so long and have had so much time to think about it, now I have fears I never had before. 

I dropped all the classes I had registered for this summer. I don’t know if I want to do that. If things work out with Greg, then I don’t want to be a principal. I want to be able to spend my summers with him. I want us to be free to travel or do whatever. At this moment right now, I really think he and I could be really happy together. 

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