He took me for a walk again…a 2 mile walk.  We were gone for an hour and a half.  The walk earlier this week wasn’t bad but this time I’m hurting like hell.  Neck, wrists, shoulders, knees, hips and feet…..everywhere the arthritis hit.  Even my fingers are sore and I didn’t use them except to hold on to the strap on the cell phone case.  I still can’t get him to come to me.

I finally had to take something for the pain.  My hands and shoulders are killing me.  We’ve been doing so good and getting along….doing the occasional silly thing to get each other giggling.  Now just to get his sex drive up.

Every once in a while I tell him I think he’s the most handsome man around to me.  He just says yeah, yeah.  He doesn’t tell me he any more that he thinks I’m beautiful or sexy.  Yet he still shows me affection.  Rarely does he initiate it any more.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s getting board with me or maybe planning on dumping me in Phoenix.  My senses aren’t telling me anything one way or the other.  He came and gave me a kiss and a hug just now and I believe it was to see what I was typing.  Just here in my journal.

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