[256] ~*Sat – 04/28/18*~

[7:15 pm]

I’m really hot right now and I don’t feel well at all. I just coughed up some mucus which is taking all the energy that I don’t have. The mucus has been bugging me all afternoon so I was happy to get home and be able to get rid of some. I just wish that when I cough it up that it would clear my throat for a while but there is always some left over that I can’t get out.

I just want to go to bed right now and it’s barely 7 pm. To lay in bed with the a/c sounds like a very good plan to me. I would be going if it wasn’t that hub is currently sleeping. I don’t want to bug him as if I go to bed now, I’ll more than likely read for a lil while. I need to wait about two hours before he gets up and then I can go.

I definitely made a mess with the headliner last night. I have glue everywhere and dirt so the piece is now dirty and full of dried glue. I also got a bit of glue in the back window. What a mess compared to the other side which didn’t give me any troubles when I did it. I put a glove so I wouldn’t make a mess on myself and managed to make it way worse than when I didn’t wear one. Blah! I was trying to hold the piece to the roof but it was sticking to the glove so that’s why I have glue everywhere now. I should of done it without the glove cause I ended up having glue all over my fingers anyways since I had to use my hand that didn’t have a glove to get the piece to stick. Oh well.. at least it stayed glued and won’t be flapping all over the place when I have the windows down as it was a distraction. I’ll just have to try and not let the dirt annoy me. Of course my eyes are always going there cause I just done it but I will eventually forget about it.

I’m looking at my lawn and I should really get rid of those leaves so the lawn can get some air. I’m still not sure if I want to even attempt doing it or if I just want to pay someone to come do it. Seems like there’s less leaves than last year but still looks like a lot. I might try and see where it leads me on Tue and if it’s too much I’ll just call my friend so she can ask her son-in-law to come do it. Did I ever mention that I don’t like spring?! Cause I don’t.

I was also looking at those old garden doors that are still beside the baby barn. Those got to go as well. Hub needs to call his mom and see if she really wants them cause I’m putting them at the curb next time it’s the bulk waste. I want those gone, gone, gone. They have been sitting there for a year now so that was plenty of time for her to come get them. They came here a few times since and never picked them up so their own fault if I toss them. I don’t even know why she wants them, they are old. I should of really just let the guys take them when they had. Blah! Once they are gone, another place I’ll have to worry about cause it’s leaving a mark in the lawn as they have been sitting there for a year.

I just need to get away from the house for a while and forget about everything. I normally can let myself forget about stuff when we go camping but I don’t think we’ll be doing that on our vacation. I had planned on going camping but I think we will skip it cause we’re going in June with mom and friend. We will just go spend some time with my mom and then with the in-laws and have a few days to ourselves at home.

I just don’t like how we still have some renovations to do and I have no idea where I’m going with it. I still have no clue about our deck but like I’ve said before, we barely ever use it so it’s not something that needs to be fix right this moment. We also did the most important windows and doors on the house so we’re sorta good on that side as well. I just wouldn’t want to put too much space in between the time we change them all.

It’s just annoying how spring brings so many worries. I don’t have to think about much during the winter cause everything is covered in snow and no one really does any renovations during winter time.

Anyways, we went to see Avengers: Infinity War which was awesome but very sad ending. I think I managed not to fall asleep but I could of cause I know I closed my eyes a few times. I had taken some junk food to munch on to keep me awake but it’s a two and a half hours movie so I couldn’t possibly munch on something all that time.

Well, I feel really bleh right now and sorta don’t want to be home but I don’t have anywhere to go and I don’t want to get dress as I’m already in my nightgown. I guess I shall watch some shows and play on my farming game while I wait for hub to get up. I also need to get some paperwork done. I just hope my craziness with worrying about silly things will go away soon. I hate when I get in those episodes. I’m fine for a while and then I just get depressed cause I overthink a bunch of silly things. Oh well.. that’s me!




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