Back To Work….

I had a couple of days off. The dryer vent was cleaned and I also got run the car out. It never gets on the freeway to burn it out. There is so much to think about if there is a road trip. I won’t sit in traffic. I do enough of that. I walked a little. I did clean parts of the bathroom and yes I dusted. I hate dusting. So I have to work straight through to vacation at the end of June. My cousin is coming in July. My sister is taking most of visit and I won’t have to pick up or drop off at the airport. I’ll see if I can get a day off. I will try to be open to however it has to be while she’s here. She is very generous when I go to her house….I will do whatever. I did sleep more last night and that’s a good sign as I dropped another quarter off the meds. I see the dr next week. Good news! My Great Niece had her scans and she is cancer free and all looks well.  She’s a yr out of Chemo. Thanks 

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