[257] ~*Sun – 04/29/18*~

[9:36 pm]

Of course I wanted to go to bed early last night and that didn’t happen. When hub left for work, I kept watching shows and ended up going to bed at almost 11 pm and then read until like 12:30 am. Bleh! At least I got my eight hours sleep but I was still a bit tired this morning cause I kept looking at the time from about 6:45 am to when I had to get out of bed.

The day went by quick and work wasn’t too bad. Although it wasn’t bad, it’s still insane. They want us to accomplish so much in a day with no staff. I surely am glad I don’t work full time over there or I’d go nuts. I also just realized today that we aren’t allowed to take vacation during Sep 4-9 and my vacation is Sep 3 to 12. She better still give it to me or else, I quit. I’ve always taken my vacation during the first week of Sep and it’s not now that I will be changing it.

Anyways, didn’t do much tonight. I was meant to go out to eat with my friend but when I called her after work she wasn’t home. I was gonna go grab myself something to eat but decided to be good and just make myself something at home cause we don’t have much left on our budget for the month. I know it doesn’t make any difference cause we have the money but I’m really trying to follow a budget. 

I took a nice bath and now I’ll be watching an episode or two of Desperate Housewives since I’m all caught up on my shows. Talking about shows, I’m upset. I think last week episode of Jane The Virgin was the final of the season. If it was.. OMG!!! I need to wait till next season to see what’s happening?! Arg!




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