life update

been a hot minute – more like a hot month.

sam got fired!! yay!! ally and adam had to meet with feliz and then sam met with her two more times and boom! fired. at first i felt bad until he refused to apologize to me, which would’ve made me think about lying and saving his ass. but he didn’t think he did anything wrong, and on top of that he lied about everything so i fucked him up. he got what he deserved. #freesam

i went to my third prom! i went with ally, adam and haley to mason’s prom and it was hella lit. me and ally hung out with cole and his group for all of prom and it was so much fun. and guess who was there!! sam cannava! he wouldn’t stop staring at me and ally, so i told her to slap my ass when he looked. i love being petty. after prom was fun too, i almost lost my juul on one of the blow ups though lol. i raced cole and it fell out of my bra, but me and thomas found it and managed to wedge it out. we also ran into sam like a million times but whatever. i still had fun.

i am still confused about my status with ardy. last night me, ardy, adam and puran went to dinner and then saw infinity war, but i don’t think it was a date. he didn’t make any moves besides hugging me and he wasn’t really super flirty, but initially he only asked me. it wasn’t until i found out adam was going to the same movie that it became a group outing. i think it was just that; a group outing as friends. he used to flirt with me all the time until recently so i’m super confused. and we were supposed to go back to his house after the movie to get drunk but we were all too tired, unfortunately. i was really looking forward to it.

but speaking of getting drunk-i’m getting w a s t e d next weekend. me, ally, cole and adam are supposed to go to joey’s house down at uc and get drunk. he’s home from college so he’s letting us stay in his house for the night and drink his alcohol. what a good guy, letting 4 underage kids get drunk lmao. well, 3. adam won’t drink. but i’m super excited for it, i need to get drunk again.

and finally, i’m going back to college this summer. i just payed my bills for sinclair so i start may 14. i’m excited but also kinda sad because i have to go to school during the summer. but that means it won’t take me as long to finish my pre-recs and transfer back to uc.

that’s everything kiddos. will update again soon!


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