Never Again….

Hello Friends 

it is I again Beth Anne. And it is once again lazy sunday. Beautiful peaceful day. 

so last night i had a drink fruity vodka Blackcurrent and lemonade. I only had 2 glasses and I was ruined and I mean ruined my head was spinning I was lying in bed totally spinning out. I felt a feeling in my throat I thought oh no way…in my haste to get out of bed I stood on my partner who complained Ow! in his whingy voice..

I get to the bathroom just sit down by the loo and fall asleep with my head resting on the bath for about 10 minutes before I’m rudely awakened by the need to hurl oh it was awful all I could taste was vodka and Blackcurrent it was awful I then proceeded to very gently crawl back to my bed without standing on my partner this time but I was falling about i got myself back into bed and fell asleep finally

wake up this morning and i feel like a giant bus has run over my head. I feel sick I’m still spinny I crawl out of bed grab some water and retreat to the sofa. After some time I wash put on some clean pyjamas and retreat again to the sofa where I remain I went to sleep and I woke up my partner and cooked and plated up chicken dinner. So not bad I’ve eaten and gone back to my stomach is still very dodgy however my blame my impending menstrual cycle…oh the joys…

I’m still the centre of the gossip. The short version is I had a friend who I did everything for when she first moved here I did it all. She repaid me by being sly trying to get on my boyfriend when I wasn’t about. I forgave her. She used to call and text me every day to call in for coffee she always had money off me if she needed it now all of a sudden  she’s met another friend who’s always with her and they never ask me to do anything with them they say it’s because they have kids and I don’t it’s not that they just want to be the gossip queens and talk about everyone. I’m just hurt that I’ve been pushed out and I’m on my own again but I’m still strong because I’ve learnt that they weren’t or aren’t true friends. I will always favour my own company because I can’t stab myself in the back. I will live in the present moment and not bother with what’s behind me. 

one cannot move forward in life if one dwells on the past.

What’s gone is gone


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