This is going to be a detailed description of my wonderful day yesterday, starting from when my friend P picked me up and drove me to where we were taking pictures.

P was wearing a lovely deep purple dress (with matching nail polish AND heels hot DAMN) and had had her makeup and hair done by her younger sister! I got glitter all over her front seat because I was shedding it all over the place oops. We got to the parking lot, and I got out to see where my friend JS was; she saw me and her sister drove over and OKAY she doesn’t even need to be THAT beautiful AND good at makeup with skin THAT PERFECT but, she was and did. We waited a short bit until PG (gorgeous? perfect? too lovely?) and her sister, our photographer, came, along with M (a goddess in gold with really hardcore gold eyeshadow and fake lashes holy HELL) and her mom and younger sister. We took some pics with just the five of us first, until K (Cinderella!! Princess!! She deserved a tiara!!) and C (classy, elegant, mature in deep red) arrived. We took pics with them, then walked to the small lake and the path around it. It was SO SUNNY, and our faces were burning!!! Like literally roasting!! Even the benches we sat on were roasting our butts. I’m glad it was sunny, though, because the good pictures looked amazing. Also, JS was the first to take off her heavy heels because they were in so much pain. The going was slow because there were so many people taking pictures there, too (and I know this is Texas but seriously, there were guys taking pics IN COWBOY HATS but of course the girls all looked super lovely, and it was nice getting compliments from some old people and moms who passed us) and we wanted group and individual pictures both, and the sun was so bright that in some angles the lighting was bad. We took some nice group pictures with all of us, and then some silly ones. I’m dabbing in the back of one, because they said they wanted a funny picture. Also we did pics with our shoes off, and some other fun things. There were lots of funny and cute candids, too. K actually did take Cinderella-like pics on some steps, with one shoe off, and I was just. So. Happy because she looked so good!!

The pictures really did take a while, and P left a bit early to get her ID before we got to the restaurant. Then K took both JS and I while C took M and PG, and we drove to a nice Italian restaurant. K turned on her music—Taylor’s album Fearless—and it was such a perfect teenage moment, blasting old Taylor while zooming down the highway. We were slightly later than the others, but after we had some water we ordered, and I got fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. The inside of the restaurant was very dark and cool, and our food took a bit too long to get to us… but it was all very good and the servings were huge, so C was the only one who was able to finish. We paid separately, touched up our makeup, and then K drove JS and I again to the expo center for prom, still enjoying Taylor.

Prom was, without a doubt, the best part of the night. K and JS and I got there after M and C, and K was hyped up to dance, since her dress (which, by the way, made her look like a REAL-LIFE CINDERELLA I don’t care if I mentioned it already) was so big and looked so nice twirling. P and PG got there a little bit after, and then we all went in together and IT. WAS. GREAT. There was a short hall with gorgeous lights everywhere, and then there was the main dance floor with tables and some refreshments. The lights turned off a few minutes later, and then my friends got us onto the dance floor and we DANCED and i don’t know how to dance but it was SO. FUN and I wish I could do it again. The DJ played “Bodak Yellow” at least three times… the music was pretty standard, Silento and The Chainsmokers and all that, but we jammed out and screamed along to “Wildest Dreams”, and M also requested the “Cupid Shuffle”, which seemed to repeat like a million times, but was so fun. Dancing is fun when you’re with your friends and you’re not worrying about looking dumb or anything. We saw some other friends, and E and K, who were dates, came over to dance with us. So did H, and sometimes D and JW, who really should’ve danced more, but I guess D’s dress made dancing kinda hard anyway, since it was long and pretty heavy. Oh, I saw KB and JC, too, and they were having so much fun. Also, KB told me I should do that dance move where you kind of hop on one leg and kick the other and pump your fist, but I told them I was in heels so it didn’t really work out lmao.

VERY IMPORTANT BIT OF INFO: I did not take my heels off the entire time until after prom had ended. I danced two hours IN HEELS. Binch. That’s how stubborn I am. We took a pic in the photo booth with dumb props like big glasses and bunny ears and hats, which E should scan and give to us soon, and then I did another one with my friends S and JL, and they gave me a copy. I loved dancing, mostly, even though the front of my feet hurt like hell (I did NOT want to take the heels off even though most of my friends did because I liked Feeling Tall). It annoyed me when the slow songs for ~couples~ came on and yeahhhhh I know it’s prom and it’s meant for dates but I. WAS. HYPE and I wanted to DANCE okay. I was WEARING HEELS SPECIFICALLY TO DANCE IN THEM AND FEEL TALL.

But can I also just confess that during the slow songs some stupid girly teenage part of me wished that a boy would ask me to dance. It’s stupid, because I don’t actually KNOW any boys AND I don’t know how to dance anyway, and the boy I ~had in mind~ doesn’t even know who I am (although I, being Nosy and Stupid, *somehow* *cough* *found out* his name) and GOD it’s so STUPID, but I couldn’t help being wistful and envious since I was surrounded by slow-dancing couples and I sort of (okay, really) wished I’d met someone who liked me enough to want to be close to me like that. Ugh, that sounds even worse when it’s in words. Ew. Moving on:

But wait, one last bit of vitally stupid info: the boy I *ahem* think is cute looked REALLY, REALLY GOOD at prom. In a tux or whatever it was, I can’t tell the difference between suits and tuxes and besides I didn’t wanna stare at him too long, since I have a feeling he can catch me looking at him when we’re in hallways and that’s just embarrassing. He looked REALLY HOT and. Just. Excuse me if I wasn’t kind of dumbstruck at how nice he looks when he’s in formalwear. Ahem. Genuinely moving on now…

Everyone looked so good all done up. Holy. Shit. Boys and girls alike, but especially most girls, since girls just appear more easily beautiful to me anyway, and most of them put lots of effort into their appearance. Just, wow. Funnily enough, more single girls danced than single guys. Hmm.

We left at ~11:50, when there were only a few more people left. P, MR and her date, and some others had already left. PG’s sister came to pick up JS, PG and me up and we changed in PG’s house… where I shed yet more glitter onto their bathroom carpet. No joke, when I took off the dress, a small shower of glitter came off… I also left glitter on their right back seat, and the front seat of K’s car. Um. Oops. But we got to after prom at the recreational center after picking up M as well, and got in without incident. We were waiting for K and C to come, but then when C came, she was distraught… K had apparently gotten into a minor accident, but apparently she still went to a clinic, and C was really worried. M texted our friend H, who then said that K should be completely fine, since an ambulance came to her accident, but she wasn’t injured badly enough to need it, and she only went to the clinic just in case. It was so sobering, but we were at least glad that K’s accident wasn’t serious. We sat for a minute, then wandered off to find things to do until four am. Only the first floor was open, so we tried out some racquetball, then decided to enter our raffle tickets. We got ten just for getting in, but we could win more in the “casino” by “gambling”, so we played blackjack with a volunteer dad who was super nice and basically tried to let us win when we could. It was really fun, since he was deliberately helping us out, and we got some chips to trade in for raffle tickets. We entered them at the last minute, then went to a basketball court to hear the winners. THREE OF MY FRIENDS WON, so JS got a $200 Ulta beauty gift card, PG got a $200 Target gift card, and C also won something that I don’t quite remember. It was such a great way to end the night. Then JS’s sister came and sent me home, and… that was it. I wiped off my already dead makeup, and just. Slept until eleven. Then PG sent me the pictures we took, and, god, just looking at them made me so happy again.

I am still so happy about how all of this worked. I’m missing so many amazing details that made me happy, but, anyway, it was so fun and I felt actually, kind of, pretty in front of other people my age for the first time in my life, and… that was nice.

Also, now I need to dance with friends more.

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  1. I enjoyed your journal entry very much. I’m so glad you had a wonderful prom night!

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