[258] ~*Mon – 04/30/18*~

[10:01 pm]

I’m getting super upset with that husband of mine. I asked him last night and reminded him this morning to call his mom about the doors and also call the dealership to make an apt for the tires. I get home, check the phone and, he didn’t make any damn calls at all. Why is it so hard for him to do these freaking simple things?! I’m getting super mad. I do everything around here, everything and when I ask him to do something simple, he doesn’t even do it. This is seriously frustrating! 

I just got home from work and I just feel like sitting here and crying. I just don’t understand why he couldn’t make those calls. He’s currently in bed so I can’t ask him but you can be sure he will hear from me when he gets up or if I go to bed before he gets up.

Anyways, I got to sleep in this morning cause my first client cancelled but I was still tired when I got out of bed. I had to cough up some mucus this morning and that just made me feel terrible. I normally don’t have to cough any up until the evening so I don’t understand why it’s what I did first thing when I got out of bed today. Bleh! My belly also hurts when I cough and I don’t understand why. It’s as if I had been coughing for a long period of time which I haven’t. I can’t wait for that allergy test on Wed and I just hope they can help me out.

I didn’t go to the Casino today cause I didn’t have time and didn’t felt like going after work. I’m not really feeling like doing anything right now.

Last night when I was reading I had to put my book down so I could grab a tissue and when I did that, I freaking folded the cover of my book which is MY BOOK and not one from the library. Me being me, I hate when things aren’t perfect so I was pretty pissed of at myself for folding the cover page. My first thought though was to think of either my dad or brother telling me “Nothing’s perfect!” by making me fold that darn cover. I was like “Haha! Blah!”.

Well, I need to cough up some mucus. Fun! So I guess I will be doing that and then watch a show or two and play on my farming game.




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