I’ve been deciding if  really wanted to write this but my therapist believes it will help me heal and let go of my pain. A week ago today my boyfriend and I was in a motorcycle accident, thankfully neither of us was seriously injured just some road rash, scrapes and bruises. I owe everything to my boyfriends quick reaction and thinking saved both of our lives. This accident should have never happened and the people who caused it should be ashamed be ashamed of themselves. Okay let me explain why I made that statement. We was on our way home from a friends house and was about halfway there when some idiot in a SUV decided to jack their brakes going down a hill. As they slammed their brakes my boyfriend eased on his brakes but unfortunately hit loose gravel and slid. He had no choice but to lay the bike over which threw both of us from the bike, it was either that or hit the back of the SUV face first. The accident was so loud that people inside a house came running out to our aid as the SUV sped away. All I can remember is seeing red brake lights than hitting pavement and rolling down the hill coming to a rest feet from a telephone pole. First thing I remember after that was my boyfriend yelling to me as he ran to my side to make sure I was okay. I owe my life to him, he brought us both home to our kids and family. That night was the worse night of my life and I was so scared but knowing he was there and we were okay kept me calm. Trust me I wanted to hunt down the idiots that almost killed us and a part of me still do but I know that won’t change the fact that it happened. As I still recover from my injuries I got few things to say to the person or persons that did this. Karama is a bitch and she will get you in the end one way or another. May God have mercy on your souls.   

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  1. Yes. How traumatic! When we travel i always get concerned for motorcycle driver and passengers. Seems you always have to drive for other people. Glad you survived that incident.

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