He finally calmed down and started acting like a man again.  Only problem is now he’s ignoring the hell out of me.  If he continues to ignore me for the next 4 days, I’m going to Dallas, hands down and he’s going to Phoenix alone…with one tank of gas.  I initially offered to give him $100 to put gas in his car to get there but if he’s going to keep acting like an asshole and ignoring me he’s on his own.  He’s basically given me an ultimatum of sorts and told me I was taking Murray, the cat, and going to Phoenix with him because he didn’t want us living on the street.  I’d rather do that than going with him and being treated like shit.  He doesn’t want me meeting this woman named Michelle he claims is his sister.  I’m sure at this point he’ll tell her I don’t want to meet her, that is if she really is his sister and not an ex girlfriend.

And of course he’s got to be a real asshole and is now yelling at me for looking at him.   So I guess I’ll just have to keep my back to him at all times. Isn’t that a sign they’re hiding something?  He told me a few weeks ago he even loved Murray, the cat.  Now he doesn’t any more.  He just likes him.

It’s starting to look more and more like he’s planning on dumping me in Phoenix.  He’s sponged off of me since February.  I should have seen this coming.

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