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So if you are keeping up, his past Friday was date night with my former worker and guyfriend (this instead of boyfriend because we are not in a relationship or even at the stage of considering one. For that matter I don’t believe we’re even at the stage of considering the consideration of a relationship lol! We’re having fun! This dynamic is perfect at this time so let’s be clear it doesn’t need to be any more or less just consistent ☺️

So yes, Friday was date night. At the end before heading home he invited me to brunch Sunday with friends. I agreed half heartedly. Not because I didn’t really want to go but because I soooooooooo value I lazy Sundays! Lol as soon as he said brunch I tunes out and began thinking of waking up two hours earlier than the noon meeting time to ensure I could wrangle a suitable hair and makeup situation. Then getting to the place on time and not being the ditzy new person who had the audacity of inpunctuality! (Yes I made that word up… but doesn’t it sound cool?!)

I said yes and was honest about possibly not waking up in time and he was understanding. But come Sunday morning, despite going out drinking the night before I did wake up in time. I got dressed and tamed the hair and makeup beasts into 20 minute submission! I even arrived a half hour early. I was quite pleased with myself I must say. Upon arriving I sent him a text and told him I was there but didn’t expect him to be because I’d left home without checking the eta on the gps first so it was on me. 

He still apologized and suggested I take a seat at the bar as he was still 20 minutes away. I walked into the small communal restaurant and sat at the bar to do as normal millennials tend to do. Look at my phone as if it held the keys to the kingdom! 

I was nervous, anxious and worried about fitting in. Though all were nice enough when it was all said and done. I knew to an extent I was being sized up. I was being vetted to see if I would be a fitting addition to the group should he choose to bring me around. That can be very intimidating! Not to mention the fact that what I thought would be a group of 7 or 8 turned out to be 20! Yes 20 people! 

Now, I don’t want to be dramatic at all. Their a was to see one another. I was just a plus one. I wasn’t under the assumption that I was the sun of their universe for the day. Still, the situation quickly became overwhelming. I introduced myself many times and names became a blur. People began to fade into categories based on physical attributes. Guy with long hair… oh there are two guys with long hair now. Tall thin guy. Short thin guy. Guy we used to work with. Pixie cut girl. Sweet teacher gal. It was too much! Lol 

We broke off into smaller groups because the restaurant could not seat us together as it was very small. This made honing in on individuals much easier. I began to make small yet calculated interactions with people and found them all to be quite nice. The teacher gal quickly stood out as the “mom” of the group. Not in a naggy or actual mom way but she’d done the planning of the event and made sure everyone was accommodated and comfortable. Her husband (long hair guy number one) was kind of the go between voicing from table to table connecting with the whole of the group. 

If course my companion for the brunch and I sat together and while I tried to allow him time to visit with his friends and not monopolize his time, I still made sure we had a few private moments at the table because after all I was there to be with him. Meet his friends yes. But i still wanted “us” time as well. 

At one point tall thin guy asked “So (my name), what’s new with you?” Jeez why did he ask me that??? Nothing is what I wanted to say and nearly did say! I go to work and come home to be a mom. Which is what I did say. A little varied but mostly that. I talked about how my eldest son had been accepted into 2 prestigious high schools and how that was exciting. This question quickly made me realize I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT! Lol. A new person doesn’t want to hear about my work woes or broken dryer! I’m terrible at small talk. Always have been. I can engage in most any topic except myself haha. 

We discussed where I grew up and the ages of my sons. Normal vetting. Lol. Companion and I talked about different drink options and what we’d eat. A few jokes were passed around and we all laughed and had a good early afternoon. 

All in all, it was a lovely morning I enjoyed myself. I made sure to be honest and tell companion a couple times how I was a bit overwhelmed but I still had a great day. After leaving I hugged teacher gal and thanked her for inviting me by proxy and companion and I walked out together. We kissed goodbye as I had already made plans with my son to see infinity war and we left an open needed plan of meeting at his home later on the table. 

It was a good day. And a great idea. I got to meet a bunch of cool people and step outside of my shell a bit. I even realized something about myself. I should start doing shit! So when people ask me what’s new I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! 

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